3 Benefits of the Ernest Sports ESB1 Portable Launch Monitor

To be a good golfer, you need to know the distance and carry factors of your shots. The ESB1 portable launch monitor can provide you with 6 data points, including ball speed, club speed, smash factor, spin rate, and launch angle. It uses the latest doppler radar technology to track six critical variables. Knowing this information can help you improve your scores. Listed below are 3 benefits of this launch monitor.

ESB1 portable launch monitor

The Ernest Sports ESB1 portable launch monitor is one of the cheapest options on the market. With 6 data points, it offers excellent accuracy, video playback and analysis. Although it is not a professional-grade launch monitor, the ESB1 is a great purchase for both indoor and outdoor golf use. We have included our review of the ESB1 below, but if you are looking for a good entry-level device, you may want to opt for a higher-end model.

The Ernest Sports ESB1 is an improved version of the ES14 Pro, and it uses the latest doppler radar technology to track the most critical data. It’s placed behind the golfer, facing down the range. The device is also more comfortable to use, thanks to its front-facing LCD display and battery indicator light. It’s also easy to clean, and we have noticed no signs of any visible interference from nearby objects.

PRGR HS-130A true pocket launch monitor

The PRGR HS-130A true pocket launching monitor is a portable device that can accurately measure distances from every club in your bag. It uses a doppler radar sensor to detect your club’s speed and distance to the ball. Despite being small and handheld, this launch monitor is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The device can also be used to measure a player’s swing tempo.

Whether you play golf, tennis, or baseball, the PRGR HS-130A is a great tool to keep in your golf bag or pocket. This compact device weighs only 4.4 ounces with four batteries and can be easily stored anywhere. Because it’s small, you’re more likely to use it. The device is also easy to set up, allowing you to use it anywhere from 3.5 to five feet from the target. You can also get a flat surface for the launch monitor to stand on. A flatter lie will result in more accurate data readouts and fewer missed shots.

TrackMan 4 launch monitor

The ESB1 portable launch monitor from Ernest Sports is a newer model that replaces the ES14 Pro. It uses two Doppler radars to monitor swing metrics and includes a mobile app. This launch monitor can record videos and is positioned behind the golfer. Users can also speak commands to switch clubs while on the course. It is an extremely helpful tool when improving your golf game.

The ESB1 is not the best driving range monitor out there, but it does offer an excellent shot tracer. However, I didn’t notice any shot shape coming from the middle of the screen. This launch monitor also doesn’t come with a built-in speaker or microphone, so you’ll need to use a headphone or other audio device to hear the audio feedback after your shots. The ESB1 has solid features, especially if you’re shopping for a budget-friendly launch monitor.

TrackMan 4 putting performance tracking system

If you are looking for the best launch monitor under $1000, the ESB1 is the product for you. This new model replaces the ES14 Pro, and is positioned behind you. The device provides 6 data points, including ball speed, distance, dispersion, and club path and angle of attack. We’ve reviewed this new product and found that it performs better in the outdoors than in the studio.

The TrackMan 4 is surprisingly small and lightweight for its power. The launch monitor weighs 5 pounds and stands over a foot tall. It also doesn’t fit in a standard golf bag. However, the software is free for the first year, and costs $99 after that. You can also use the software for club fitting. The ESB1 provides a shot history of up to 500 shots.