Edan X10 Patient Monitor

The Edan X10 Patient Monitor is equipped with features to meet primary clinical needs in high-stress environments. Its accessories include a skin temperature probe, NIBP tubing, an adult cuff, snap electrodes, and a power cable. It offers an advanced algorithm for detecting 33 types of arrhythmia and 208 findings. The X10 also includes an optional CO2 module and an 8GB internal memory.


The Edan X10 Patient Monitor is a lightweight, ultra-slim device that fulfills the primary clinical requirements of all environments and patient types. With its slim, ultra-high resolution touch screen and built-in carry handle, this device can easily be moved from one place to another. The X10 can be used with a cart or without one, and it has an 8GB internal memory and built-in wifi for connectivity and ease of use.

X10 with G2 CO2 module

The Edan X Series monitor has an internal CO2 module, Edan G2 CO2. It has several standard configurations, including water trap, disposable CO2 sampling line, and male luer lock. Additionally, this model comes with a standard adult nasal CO2 sampling cannula. For additional information about this model, click here. This page will highlight the differences between the different configurations.

X10 with 8GB internal memory

The Edan X10 Patient Monitor fulfills primary clinical needs for a wide variety of environments, including the intensive care unit, in-hospital transfer units, and more. With a slim, 10″ high resolution touch screen, an intuitive short-cut menu, built-in WiFi, and up to 8GB of internal memory, the X10 covers the spectrum of patient care. This patient monitor also features built-in WiFi and supports up to 200 sets of alarm review.

X10 with water trap

The EDAN X10 with water trap is an advanced monitoring system that combines an exquisite water-trap design and state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure accuracy. The water trap’s advanced design allows it to identify and prevent moisture, pseudo waves, and other factors that can influence the accuracy of readings. Besides, it has an ultra-slim design and expandable monitoring parameters to handle any patient type.

X10 with 6/12-lead ECG system

The EDAX10 patient monitor with 6/12-leaf ECG system is a high-quality ECG device with expandable monitoring parameters. This slim and lightweight device is perfect for many clinical applications. It can be used for emergency cases, in cardiac units, general wards, or even during an in-hospital transfer. Its six-lead system automatically identifies the chest leads and has an automatic ECG diagnosis algorithm called SEMIP(r).